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Andrea has a new chapter in his life.

A multi-award winning pastry chef, he has been the face of an emergent style in the Italian kitchen; understanding the past and being bold with the present. The outcome? Turning “the normality of the everyday into something marvellous.”

Having worked around the world in some of the best restaurants including Ledoyen in Paris, Waterside Inn in Bray and Ristorante Zafferano in Singapore, Andrea was head pastry chef of Chef Norbert Niederkofler’s 3 Michelin Star Restaurant St. Hubertus at Rosa Alpina Hotel & Spa in San Cassiano, South Tyrol until earlier this year where, in a surprise announcement he decided that it was time to establish his own unique style, his own signature in the world.

AT Pâtissier is who he was meant to become.

Four generations of know-how added to his personal intuition, an audacity to experiment with tradition whilst blending the technical sensitivity acquired since childhood; a charisma that has been passed through generations.

Volitive, sincere, determined, uncompromising about excellence and generous in teaching his way, his passion, his skill for the art and his overwhelming energy.

He has already written the most significant pages of a contemporary pastry panorama, and AT Pâtissier is preparing to innovate Italian pastry with an unpublished and ambitious project that will be the benchmark for those who come after.

AT Pâtissier – Grandi Lievitati D’Autore. It means, ‘the great yeast project.’

A project to re-establish quality, Made in Italy and authenticity in craftsmanship, which comes from the synergy between Andrea Tortora and Ilaria Zacchetti, who coordinate a team of qualified pastry chefs, designers, free thinkers, artists, researchers and communicators who work to enhance what they do makes Italy the protagonist in the world of pastry.

Here, in this workshop, is an opportunity to understand and develop, to taste and to wonder, to appreciate and prospect, because here, is Andrea Tortora.

Here, in the heart of the Dolomites there is a pastry chef that is doing something not of the ordinary, but something that will change perceptions for a very long time.

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