Italian Touch

Italian Touch
I’ve followed the Beauty from North to South through the valleys of our Dolomites and then down along the sweet Apennines, passing-by the golden wheat, until touching the lucky sun-drenched borderlands: there where taste resides in the brilliant and fragrant colours. All this beauty was just waiting to be plucked, experimented, remodelled. I wanted to give it a new shape, kneading it carefully with my own hands. I chose gestures that originate in memories of the long-lived family tradition which have been refined over years of intense study and research.

​Because the Italian Touch is also this: to find the origins of authenticity and to share this with the world. 

I kneaded it giving it free rein.
I watched it relax and rest.
I enriched it and made it strong.
I watched it rise vigorously and take shape of a dome.

The warmth, then, exalted consistencies, tastes and fragrances, repaying me with concrete forms of a Beauty that, over time, I obstinately searched for.

This great passion today carries the name AT Pâtissier, my personal collection of Great Leavened Specialities: Panettone, PandOro and Uovo di Tortora, three great stories that speak of Italian tradition, creativity and taste.

Andrea Tortora
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