Andrea Tortora

Andrea Tortora
When subtraction means opportunity: that’s how I chose to honour the greatness of the Italian tradition.

My role is to respect it, merging past and present together and experimenting with the harmony and offering a gift that can make the normality of everyday become marvellous

andrea tortora
Andrea Tortora, son of fourth generation pastry chefs with an international curriculum – from Paris to London, from Singapore to Venice – was for years the guiding light of pastry making of the St. Hubertus restaurant where he was awarded the third Michelin star as pastry chef.
When he was only thirty, he obtained recognition as Master Pastry Chef becoming a member of Ampi (Academy of Italian Master Pastry Chefs).
He was nominated by the food guides “Il Gambero Rosso” and “Identità Golose” Pastry Chef of the Year 2017, while the food guide “Espresso” awarded him the title Pastry Chef of the Year 2018.

During his career he has collaborated with great Chefs such as Giovanni Ciresa, Antonio Guida, Christian Le Squer, Michel Roux, Gualtiero Marchesi, Fabio Cucchelli and Norbert Niederkofler. The years spent side by side with the latter were crucial for Andrea, although the memory of his first Maestro, Maurilio Giacomelli remains fundamental and indelible.

Following the important awards he received, in 2017 Andrea Tortora began his project AT Pâtissier, which he continues with great enthusiasm, with the aim of offering great artisanal leavened products which are characterized by a fresh contemporary elegance. Andrea’s inseparable travelling companion of always is “Carletto”, the sourdough he created with his grandfather Vamor when he was 17, and which he has continued to keep lovingly fresh until today.
Andrea Tortora
2019 Gazzetta dello Sport:
Primo Classificato Giuria Vip per il Panettone Tradizionale 

2019 Premio alla Professione 
per la valorizzazione dei lievitati da ricorrenza in Italia e nel Mondo

2018 Gazzetta dello Sport:
Primo Classificato Giuria Vip per il Panettone Tradizionale 

2018 Tenzone del Panettone: 
Miglior Panettone Tradizionale d’Italia

2018 L’Espresso: 
Pasticcere dell’anno

2018 Passione Gourmet: 
Primo Classificato con L’Uovo di Tortora

2017 Gazzetta dello Sport: 
Il Piatto indimenticabile dell’anno con il Canederlo Gianduja

Consueguimento della terza stella Michelin come pasticcere in carica al Ristorante St. Hubertus, San Cassiano, Alta Badia

2017 Gambero Rosso: 
Chef Pasticcere dell’anno

2017 Identità Golose: 
Il Miglior Pasticcere

2017 Conferimento del titolo di Maestro Pasticcere da AMPI 
Accademia Maestri Pasticceri Italiani

2016 Pavoni Italian Award all’interno del Tenzone del Panettone: 
Miglior Packaging