Pastry Chef of the Year 2017,
Guida Il Gambero Rosso e Guida Identita’ Golose


“We are like dwarves perched on the shoulders of giants”  Bernard of Chartres


Born in 1986, pastry chef from a four generations tradition
Pasticceria Giacomelli, Maestro Maurilio Giacomelli – Verona
Hotel Bauer, Chef Giovanni Ciresa – Venezia
Il Pellicano, Chef Antonio Guida, Porto Ercole – Grosseto
Ledoyen, Chef Christian Le Squere – Parigi
St.Hubertus, Chef Norbert Niederkofler – San Cassiano (BZ)
Waterside Inn, Chef Michel Roux – Bray, Londra
Ristorante Zafferano, Chef Fabio Cucchelli – Singapore
ALMA la Scuola Internazionale di Cucina Italiana – Colorno (PR)

Today I am again at Norbert Niederkofler’s side



Photo Credit: Daniel Töchterle


I would like to share with you a thought, beyond patisserie.
What these great experiences brought to me is just one consciousness: the only reasonable behavior facing the matter I knead every day is the desire to discover it, allowing the reality, and not the ideas, to guide oneself.


Let me be clear. To complain about circumstances, to consult experts in who knows what to get out of the short circuits of everyday sadness and dissatisfaction, is like an unwritten rule. And the gaze moves over. No happiness recipe will ever say that it is enough to be, but it will always strive to add something else.


Yet yeast’s rule is truer. Reality already contains many substances, which are present even when invisible, and which are all that is necessary to become “a living dough”, someone who, in the place where he is, nourishes himself and rises. No matter how simple, it is not as immediate as it is… because it requires humility. It demands to assume the hypothesis that the reaction is not triggered by our dreams, but by something that is not completely in our hands and not necessarily positive. Reality. 


Our “best” is to let us being shaped – like flour – by these living substances which interact with us. It could be delight, as well as sorrow. It could be a visual impact with some images from everyday life, which we don’t consciously see anymore. It could be the memory of the afternoon tea and biscuits with granny. It could be the customer with eccentric habits. But it is certain that all of it, within the simple or the great things, create a unique triggering whose reagent is us. We are like the flour which rises, which changes shape and consistency, growing up.


Our growing is the repercussion of the certitude that the substance of the world is alive and that it doesn’t leave inert the one who decides to be triggered. Dreams don’t rise, they rather break down. But by few and by nothing, all is yet there.


There is you in contact with the world. That’s enough (… meaning that no more is needed). And it’s enough because of the honesty of those who don’t want to act as the protagonist, but to be the protagonist within a plot that puts in front of you living matters so that you become even more alive. Worn out, everybody will certainly be so. Joyful, sometimes. Lieto, that short italian word which differs from lievito only by one syllable. The etymology has nothing to do with it, but let us bet… and what if this likeness would mean that, like the lievito, one can be lieto to be there and to expand, lieto to let everything broaden him?


No more words. Here is what came out of the laboratory… For the moment.